Tuscany Crossing 100km
26/04/2015 - 3ème édition
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Compte rendu

The third edition of ''Crossing Tuscany'' 100 km of the Val d'Orcia consolidated his success in front of the whole world.
The Park of the Val d'Orcia UNESCO heritage site in spring gives the best of themselves, as they gave hundreds of fans trailers, perfect weather, fabulous scenery, welcoming population, stori, landscape, art, culture, gastronomy made yes this has been an issue or almost perfect.
The organizers led by the Sienarunners led by Roama (aka Roberto Amaddii, creator of the trail in Terra di Siena) well supported by Aurelio Michelangeli (Parks Trail Promotion) by the athlete and the Val d'Orcia Paolo Fabbrini and all the people with the Val d'Orcia Castiglionesi which hosted the event responded to the great, the work always pays off in the end and they did ..
See the entire territory hospitable and sympathetic to the event was the demonstration that this event can only grow, thanks to a friendly Tuscan unique, conscious keeper of ancient traditions never left.
The race has also offered technical cues remarkable just think the time Massimo Tagliaferri (third consecutive win for him): 9 h 50 'in a path with D + 3200 defined stroncagambe for the ups and downs that lead to run almost forever (unusual for Trailers ), constantly harassed by Moro beginning and the end Ludovisi.
In the women still win Simona Morbelli that once again likes to fight with the boys, but she still lowers his previous time.
In 53 km to win the Italian Glauco Nedrotti and German Flammersfeld.
Final standing:
103 km Male
1) Tagliaferri Massimo (Team Technical) 9h 50 '10 ''
2) Ludovisi Emanuele (Athletic Anzio) 10h 09'47 ''
3) Luca Moro (Emme Running Team) 10h 16'50 ''
103 km Female
1) Morbelli Simona (SAI Arrows White) 10h 31'17 ''
2) Monica Baldi (Avis Vigevano) 12h 08'53 ''
3) Galesi Emanuela (Promosport Vall Bresciane) 12h 28'32 ''
53 km Male
1) Nedrotti Glauco 4h 32'25 ''
2) Bernabei Fabrizio (Team New Balance) 4h 44'33 ''
3) David Giannelli (Athletics 3 V) 4h 45'45 ''
     53 km Female
1) Flammersfeld Anne Marie (UV Racing) 5h 14 '49 ''
2) Scorzato Tiziana (Third Time) 5h 27 '57 ''
3) Giuliana Arrigoni (Team Technical) 6h 06 '59 ''
 32 km Male
1) Dionigi Alberto (Aperdifiato) 2h 27'44 ''
2) Massimo Antonelli (Parks Trail Promotion) 2h 40'14 ''
3) Luca Zeni (Athletic Cembra Valley) 2h 41'09 ''
 32 km female
1) Furlani Daniela (Team Technical) 2h 58'54 ''
2) Lambert Jane Eyre 3h 24'55 ''
3) Zini Federica (Athletic Scandiano) 3h 27'03 ''
 Express Team men
Team Etruscans 8h 38 '46 ''
Express Team women
Plus Ultra Plus One 11h 38'37 ''

Le trail
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Equipe 1 équipier (Tout public) : individuel (assistance interdite)

Epreuves Trail non stop sur une journée
Durée moyenne d'effort total : 24h
Distance totale : 103km
Dénivelé positif total : 3250m
Course à pied : 103 km

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Le lieu

Cet événement a lieu dans le pays : Italie

Lieu du départ de la course : Castiglione d'Orcia - 53024 Siena Italia


Droit d'inscription : 90€ par coureur
Limite des inscriptions le 21/04/2015 (dans la limite des places disponibles)

Matériel obligatoire : - L'approvisionnement en eau de 1 litre sac à dos de l'eau ou double bouteille d'eau et / ou le personnel de verre (ou le rafraîchissement points d'eau ne sont pas fournis pour les lunettes) - Barres énergétiques ou équivalent alimentaire. - Anti-Vent Jacket - Tissu d'urgence - Charge de téléphone mobile - whistle - Phare

Prestations fournies par l'organisation : 7 rafraîchissements, pasta party

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